Gary Ziepe


Two Break Up's And A WeddingSun 23 May 2010 at 15:40

Dr Who actor Matt Smith has broken up with his consort Daisy Lowe. The pair were recently spotted  canoodling in a hotel in California but now say that their relationship has simply 'fizzled out'. Relationships have to be nutured like a delicate flower otherwise once the honeymoon is over, they wilt and wither. I think it's a shame when couples break up, but I envisage that during their spell together he would have shown her a good time lord.

Ronan Keating has split from his wife of twelve years after confessing he had an affair while on tour. Lets be honest, he's only human and if you're a star it must be incredibly difficult to 'resist the charms' of alluring admirers. If he needs advice he could always give John Terry or Tiger Woods a call.  

Russell Brand has left his dad Ron off the guest list for his forthcoming wedding to Katy Perry. A man who could get an olympic gold in obsessively seducing women, Russell has decided not to invite him because of the messy split from his mum Barbara when he was little. Never mind Ron, you may get an invite to Russell's next wedding, or the one after that.


Life in JarsFri 21 May 2010 at 13:08

A Maverick American biologist has created the very first man made cell. Dr Craig Venter and his team of researchers in California have built a simple strand of DNA from scratch. They then inserted a simple bacterium into it thus creating a new synthetic form of life. This has been described as the biggest scientific breakthrough in decades and has been compared to the splitting of the atom. Needless to say that some critics have said that it could pose a  serious threat to mankind and is unethical. However, the potential advantages are amazing. This new research could allow us to make biofuels, clean up the environment and even create a vaccine for the common cold. It truly depends on which road we decide to go down. Mankind is always striving for greater things and with this comes responsibility and an element of risk. If we hadn't taken chances in the past we would still be living by candlelight and riding horseback. I think that this is a quantum leap for all of us and just the beginning. In years to come we may be able to almalgamate synthetic life forms with computers and thus create intelligent life. The result could be living machines that could think faster than us, do more than us, always be right and always have the last word. It would be like an altercation with the missus only worse.


Money! Money! Money!Sat 15 May 2010 at 14:23

A single British ticket holder is celebrating this country's biggest ever lottery win by scooping more than £84.4 million on The Euro Lottery last night! I just hope that a wealthy person hasn't won. Surely if you win that staggering amount it instantly devalues everything you've toiled for? The house, the car, everything you own would suddenly become meaningless. That said, I'd be happy to take it and 'spread a little wealth'. Everyone I know would be chauffeured by a fleet of limos to my local cake shop whereby they could choose any cake they wanted. As I write this on Saturday afternoon nobody has yet come forward to claim. Maybe they haven't realised yet, or perhaps they're being super cool and think 'sod it - I'll claim next Friday week'!  

On the subject of exravagent wealth - Abu Dhabi's top hotel has elavated the stakes to have the most glamour and glitz by installing an ATM machine that dispenses gold bars. Imagine one of these wealthy Arabs walking into an exclusive, exorbitant store, trying to buy something with one and being told 'Very sorry sir, but I can't change that.' He'd probably reply 'No problem - here's a few more..I buy everything'!




Spot The DJWed 12 May 2010 at 13:22

Most of my spots have now gone which means I'm now 'Back in Action' and able to step boldly outside of the house for the first time in well over a week. It's going to be a little strange at first but at least I'll be able to empathise with the crew on the innaugral expedition to Mars.

Also, I still have some  spots under my chin so I've decided not to shave for a while. As I've now got all these rogue whiskers I look nothing like my passport photo (but then who does?). I could easly pass for a member of some beardy weirdy club and the result of a liaison between Brian Blessed and Captain Birdseye!


One Out - One InTue 11 May 2010 at 19:11

Just watching David Cameron on TV en route to The Palace for an audience with The Queen. Is this like an audience with Dame Edna Everidge only without the acidic Aussie jibes?


Those Halcyon Days Of WirelessMon 10 May 2010 at 12:21

Spent the morning listening to Radio Caroline. It took me back to those halcyon days in the 70's when Caroline was an album station and into a concept called 'Loving Awareness'. Would loved to have worked on those pirate stations. That said, I get seasick on the Woolwich Ferry. And the thought of being stuck on a ship with the same characters week in week out would be worse than being trapped in a lift with Piers Morgan and Micheal Winner.